Chi sono

Sono nato a Roma il 15 aprile del 1969 e sono cresciuto a Montelibretti, paese della Sabina Romana.

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  • Lucas was known to be aggressive with his dealings of the Brotherhood, but not to protect a mortal woman. I would have you know I am a proper gentleman. She cranked the handle on the wringer and grunted as Ted s shirt 93 Ruth Ann Nordin finally gave.
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  • He hadn t met a single female in this time period who hadn t blushed at the thought of mentioning personal business or undressing. Normally, he did attend public appearances and social events to keep suspicions eyes looking in the other direction because he d built up quite the name for himself over the years and reclusive tycoons were targets for bloodthirsty journalists. However, there was still the rare need to take live prey to sustain his power.
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  • Finally, she said, I like the one pulling the dog out of the horse s stall. She gave him an incredibly alluring stare, Why not Lucas.
    Suono dall’età di 6 anni e scrivo canzoni dal periodo dell’adolescenza.


    Una passione avuta da sempre è stata quella di registrare le mie esecuzioni e quelle del gruppo con cui suonavo.
    All’età di 14 anni ho iniziato a suonare un organo elettronico GEM, acquistato da mio padre nel 1968, prima ancora che io nascessi. Da quel periodo, in realtà anche da prima, ho iniziato a scrivere musiche e canzoni. E a registrare quanto facevo.

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    While she wasn t aware of his presence, 34 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story her body was.
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  • Look at all the charities that he s involved in. She pulled open the door to find him standing there not even taking into account that she was half naked.
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  • She took a sip of punch and set the cup in her lap. He told her it 304 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story was her choice. But then she wouldn t be able to enjoy the freedom she did now by wielding endless power over other males with barely a thought, commanding them to do her every will and desire.
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  • He reached in and grabbed another shirt and a pair of his underwear and hung them on the line.

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    La cosa più difficile è quella di scrivere in assenza di una vena ispirativa. Per esempio, mettersi a tavolino e dire: “oggi scrivo una canzone sul tema dell’ecologia!” e poi scrivere effettivamente un testo che parli dell’ecologia è una cosa veramente difficile. Bisogna essere molto bravi per farlo, essere dei veri professionisti della parola ed avere le tecniche giuste per farlo.

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  • She probably wouldn t have looked him in the eye either.
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  • Her expression became angry and she snarled at him, You two are some sort of demonic spawn. I would kill any one of them in a heart beat to preserve my race over theirs. She could not see his face or eyes, but she could tell from the angle of his head, the hoist of his chin that he was eying her readied fist with appropriate caution.

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    Then she released a soft sigh in her sleep and her sweet breath wafted over him. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Elsa actually flinched, almost as if she heard his thoughts when he warned Ian. When she didn t respond, he hedged, I want to keep in touch.

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    At least my friends have a higher I.Q. than a rock, She was referring to Dirk by a thrust of her thumb over her shoulder at the door of Deter s, and I m not the one who tricks na ve girls into your little love schemes He was about to protest, she refused to let him interrupt, Give me some credit, how obvious was that with Elsa? She opened her eyes after a few minutes with his coaxing.

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  • It was one of the rare things that made her feel free of the worries of school, her friends, and other things that have entered into her life. Lucas silently shook his head indicating it was nothing, before returning his bluish-purple stare to the lighted busy streets outside and let his thoughts roam again.
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  • At that same moment, the cab pulled up to a glorious beach house with elegant blue-grey brickwork that was well lit 11 Lietha Wards and alive with music. Still holding a now alert Paul, Megan embraced her mother, letting the tears fall down her cheeks.
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  • Coi tuoi risvegli di sole il sole è vivo grazie a te coi tuoi sorrisi a colori io mi...

    Concerto Fonclea il 30/10/2011

    Domenica 30 ottobre, ore 21:30 circa presso il locale FONCLEA ( –...

    Foto live 11/09/2010

    Ecco le foto del concerto tenuto l’11 settembre 2010. Grazie agli amici Francesco...


    Queste le canzoni: Pensieri Strega Luna romantica Per una donna Piove Quante storie Chi...

    Illustrazioni Italiane

    Cd di sonorizzazioni originali realizzato nel 1993, edito da Jump Edizioni Musicali....

    Il silenzio delle mie parole

    Il CD, prodotto insieme al MDS (Muro Del Suono), è stato registrato e mixato...

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    Ti chiamerò nelle notti più fredde ti sveglierò dai tuoi sogni profondi io ti...

    Sulla strada

    C’è lei qui con me io dentro di lei si muove con me sotto di noi la mezzeria ci...

    Concerto 11 settembre 2010

    Grazie al patrocinio del Comune di Montelibretti, l’11 settembre 2010 è stato...

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